3D Models

Select the model, best for your device

We built several models to accomodate as many viewing options as we could. While building a universal application which runs equally well on desktops and handheld devices may be possible, we decided to take advantage of the wide variety of available technologies, focusing on specific platforms.

Some of the models require the downloading of a player and others run directly in your web browser.

Important Notes

Viewing 3D models may consume significantly more battery power than a generic app. Your mobile device may even heat up more than usual, since 3D requires a lot of processing. It is also possible that your desktop or mobile device freezes up, during 3D playback, and you may have to restart your computer, tablet or smartphone. Before you start any of the apps below, please make sure your work in other apps is saved. Although we try our best to make these apps error free, we take no responsibility for any damage it causes to your data or device. Use the apps on your own risk!

In-Browser 3D Models optimized for Smartphones and Tablets

Model home, using Three.js - Click here to start (opens in a new tab or window.

Model home using Babylon.js - Click here to start (opens in a new tab or window.

In-Browser 3D Models Optimized for Desktop computers

Model home using Unity's 3D Web Engine - Click here to start (Opens in a new tab or window)

3D Models Optimized for Desktop computers

3D Home with animated features - Click here to download the app for PC

3D Home with animated features - Click here to download the app for Mac

Work in progress

All models above are experimental. We keep improving them and adding new features. Please feel free to Contact us if you find any problems with running the apps, or if you would like to suggest a feature or a technology we should try.

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Smart Offices

Your second home deserves the goodies, too.

The Office, the place where we work for the money. The place we hate Mondays for...
But it doesn't have to be that way! Our custom smart office projects make Mondays the crown of the week. People can't wait to get back to their "second home" to enjoy the time with the TEAM! (Click here to find out why...)

Which smart home brands are the best?


We build highly customized smart homes, utilizing everything we consider fit for the project at hand. We do not favour one brand over another. Functionality is King. If it works, we use it. We manufacture many handy devices ourselves. Custom for us, really means custom. If we can't find it, we build it. Special mounts, Intercom stations, High Fidelity loudspeakers are just a few examples, frome our done list.